Man – lør: 10:00 – 21:00
Søndag 10:00 – 16:00
Fredag og lørdag bliver vi altid
lidt længere oppe!

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Kl. 18:00 – 21:00

Evening menu

Come and sit at our best table with the sea for your feet and be pampered with all the best we have. You can not find a better way end to the day, we promise you.


The hotel’s à la carte menu

Seafood & Seafood

Crab salad with apple
and dill
268, –

Fried cod
with pumpkin and nuts
268, –


Beetroot tartar
with mustard grains and garlic

Stuffed earthenware soup
with herbs and fennel


Fried chicken with green onions
in variation
268, –

Broken calf breast
with leeks, herbs and onions

Animal pig with coarse mash,
fried roots and sauce


Poached bulb
with crumble and vanilla foam

Marinated plum
with mild almond and milk ice cream

Cheese from near and far
with jam
98 –

The hotel’s seasonal menu

3 course seasonal menu from the kitchen with welcome bubbles and amuse

498, –

Do you want wine for the food?

Wine on glass

from 78 DKK,- 

Wine menu in two glasses

188 DKK,-

Wine menu in three glasses

248 DKK,-


We take special care

If you want vegetarian, gluten-free or special considerations for allegier,
your servant help with this. All dishes can be combined upon request.

If you want to see our avec or wine menu, your servant can help with this.

Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, Ebeltoft